A Letter from the CEO

1 July 2020 | Uncategorized

To Our Valued Partners,

Since taking the leap and founding this company in 2014, we’ve seen more change than I could even imagine. 

From technology and innovation, new applications and use cases, to regulation and training, it has truly been a roller coaster ride. 

Our mission from the beginning was to help bring cutting edge technology to the hard working men and women in public safety, and we have continued to deliver on that.

Today,  we’re  are  renewing  our  commitment  to  that  effort  by  restructuring  the  way  we  do  things  within  Skyfire,  and  through  our  many partnerships and new businesses.

As we announced early in 2020, we have acquired a majority stake in Viking UAS, an American drone manufacturer based near Portland, Maine, and that team is working very hard to bring you custom-built aircraft, designed right alongside police officers and firefighters to make sure you 

have everything you need built in.

We’ve also come together with Skydas Group, a leading provider of tactical and counter-terrorism training to offer you scenario-based training for the situations you’re likely to face in the field, and we will continue to build out that portfolio of training and services to meet those evolving needs.

We  have  spent  countless  hours  working  with  our  partners  in  critical  infrastructure  sectors  like  oil  and  gas,  global  public  health  and  power distribution to make sure we have training in place for their needs, and with the help of Viking, there are new aircraft coming specifically for those sectors as well.

And finally, we’ve recommitted to several existing partners like WS Darley and DroneSense, and established new partnerships with Unmanned Vehicle Technologies, Draxxon, Doosan and others to make sure you have access to the best technology solutions, training and expertise available.

We’ve been working on a lot of ground breaking projects, and today, I’m very excited to unveil a new website that will truly help you navigate all of what Skyfire has to offer.

I’d love for you to check it out when you have a few minutes, and not just because it looks cool, but because we’re going to be giving away a drone and full program with COA processing, program development and training services to a lucky recipient!

In addition to the great content we have on the site, Ben and I are doing weekly Facebook Live webinars with industry leaders, and would love for you to join us on some of those! It’s your chance to ask the experts questions. 

You will also be hearing from Skyfire’s own staff, each of whom is in charge of managing a different industry vertical, via blog every Tuesday. 

This way you can put a face to the names you’ve been corresponding with over many years, and know exactly who to reach out to when you have an issue or need information.

Thanks again for your time today, thanks for all of the hard work you’ve all been doing to help keep us safe during these wild times, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

To Navigating New Skies Together,

Matt Sloane, CEO of Skyfire Consulting