Anti-Drone Tech in the U.S.

9 July 2020 | Public Safety

If you read our Newsletter section, you’ll find plenty of content on anti-drone technology. While drones themselves offer numerous benefits to members of public safety, there is real potential for them to be used by bad actors. We’ve seen where drones are used for a number of nefarious purposes such as dropping items such as cell phones to prisoners, alerting criminals to the location of police, or even just being flown carelessly and falling on some unsuspecting bystander.

For these reasons, countless companies have cashed in on the methods used to stop drones when they are somewhere they shouldn’t be. Enter, DroneShield. DroneShield is an Australian company that produces drone detection and protection equipment. They have the standard stand detection system, but they also have a version that can be mounted to the hood of a car or truck. 

While that’s certainly interesting, there are other solutions that exist such as the DroneGun Tactical and the DroneGun MkIII; which may or may not be the models that were recently sold to a “U.S. Government Agency”. These devices are portable Anti-Drone weapons that drop drones out of the sky or cause them to return to their home point (great way to track back to the operator). The DroneGuns work on multiple frequencies, and the larger of the two, the Tactical, has a range of over a mile. Because the DroneGuns use a signal to stop the drone, there is no worry of it falling on someone’s head or property. Also, keeping the drone intact is a great way to research where it came from.

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