Checkout DJI’s New Enterprise Workhorse, the M300

24 April 2020 | Oil, Gas & Engineering, Public Safety

The eagerly awaited new drone release from DJI has not disappointed in its debut. The upgrades over the previous model, the Matrice 200 series are substantial. Let’s dive into the latest and greatest UAS from DJI.

Triple Payload

The M300 comes standard with the ability to carry three payloads. Think thermal, daylight, zoom, all those sensors that public safety drone programs need in one setup.

Flight Time

The Matrice 300 boasts an impressive 55 minute flight time, significantly more than its M210 predecessor. But like all things aviation and drones, payload matters. So if you’re loaded up with payloads and it’s a windy day, you will see shorter battery life.


Yes, the OccSync Enterprise from DJI allows the M300 to have a range of a whopping 9 miles. Now before you send your M300 on an 18 mile round trip, make sure you’ve got those BVLOS, flight over people, and any other special waivers or authorizations you might need to go flying beyond line of sight.


The H520T is a new dual sensor integrated camera from DJI built to work on the Matrice 300 and it is pretty sweet. Laser range finder, zoom capability, and high resolution thermal make this one of the best dual sensor packages out there for public safety use. Did we mention it’s weather resistant?

Weather Capability

Speaking of weather resistant, the M300 has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 45 meaning it can fly in rain no problem. Obviously this is a helpful feature on those nasty weather days, you know, the ones where you often need to actually fly the UA.