DroneDJ: Skyfire unveils SF2 drone for public safety and critical missions

25 February 2022 | Media Mentions

Specialized Atlanta-based UAV consulting firm Skyfire is itself launching into aerial action with the release of its SF2 drone, which is designed and manufactured specifically for public safety and critical sector operators.

Mining the insights and feedback from a decade of work with public safety and first responder clients, Skyfire decided to develop the SF2 as a critical use drone tailored to the needs of services intervening in what are often life-and-death emergencies. Built with aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber materials designed to withstand extreme situations, the UAV’s payload-agnostic design leaves it adaptable to the widely varying uses and objectives of different mission circumstances.

Skyfire’s entry into specialized drone manufacturing with the SF2 was motivated by the understanding, insight, and feedback it gathered in its work with hundreds of US public safety and critical sector clients as they navigated the Federal Aviation’s certification of authorization process. Relying on that information flow from diverse partners, Skyfire decided to provide solutions to shortcomings and close operational gaps it was hearing about.

The result is the UAV tailor-made to emergency and first responder needs, yet still flexible enough for diversified deployment goals within that category.

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