Drones in Film & TV: A New Look Into the Action

25 August 2020 | Film & Television

UAVs used for Film and Television are revolutionizing the way we create motion pictures. Drones provide a cost effective way to produce never before seen complex aerial shots because of their size and maneuverability. Imagine filming a continuous shot from 6ft off the ground in a building, the camera goes out the window, climbs higher than a crane or dolly system, all the way to the height of a helicopter without a single cut. 

Flying cameras has always been an aspect of film and tv. The Hollywood film industry has been flying helicopters for over 40 years. Over all of those years, less than 1% of Hollywood films utilized them each year. Few productions could afford to rent a helicopter for a ten-second aerial view. That is, until the early 2000’s when UAV’s hit the market. Drone technology has come a long way in the past 10+ years. They have become safer, with increased capabilities, flight time, payload capacities, distance, and more. What used to be a very large scale endeavor of hiring a helicopter flight crew is now a few thousand dollars for an entire day with a UAV. 

Another big benefit to UAVs is that they are a safer alternative to helicopters and cause a lot less disruption on set. As UAV technology continues to evolve filmmakers will have an increasing ability to obtain high-quality wide angle shots and intricate close up aerial shots. The introduction of drones into the Film and Television industry has altered the way we perceive the world on screen & will continue to do so as we discover new drone technology.