Evolving and Enhancing the Training Standard with Skyfire Training Academy

11 August 2020 | Skyfire Training Academy

Public Safety departments across the country have strict training standards for just about everything they do on a daily basis. While ensuring proper training is obtained by all pilots is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a successful UAS Program, it is often overlooked. When a department decides to start flying drones to assist in their day to day operations, they’re often left to use their own imagination. When creating training regimens departments must choose whether to obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA), have their pilots obtain Part 107 licenses, or both. The Part 107 license was created by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is the one true standard test a drone pilot can take. This test requires no hands-on training, but requires a thorough understanding of aviation basics including topics such as airspace, weather, aerodynamics, and regulations. For years, Skyfire has been traveling across the country to departments hosting Basic Training to ensure a pathway to success for new UAS programs. We’ve spent countless hours instructing pilots on the basics of airspace, flight maneuvering, and UAS applications and use cases. And while these on-site training sessions continue to be impactful, we are excited to begin work on our own dedicated training facility in Atlanta, Georgia. 

With the goal of continuing to evolve and enhance the training standard, we recently launched the Skyfire Training Academy. At our Georgia-based facility, we’ve built a controlled environment to facilitate a more standardized training. While we are not experts within public safety as a whole,  we do possess expert knowledge on how to develop a successful drone program. Within the Training Academy we host our 1-Day Part 107 Training, 2-Day Basic Training, 2-Day Advanced Training, and 5-Day Tactical Trainings. A vital aspect of these trainings is the time time spent with hands-on flight. Our basic and tactical classes are the perfect way to learn how to fly drones and then implement them into field operations. The Skyfire Training Academy also hosts a multitude of Law Enforcement classes for departments looking for training outside of their UAS program. We hope to continue to expand our course offerings and be a public safety training center of excellence.