Introducing, SF2

The most versatile public safety drone on the planet!

Max. Payload Weight

14 LB

Max. Flight Speed

> 55 mph

Max. Flight Time

> 45 min


6 miles (up to)

Area Of Usage

Field Serviceability


Sensor Agnostic

Purpose-Built for Extreme Environments

The most versatile American-Made drone on the planet, purpose built for public safety and critical sectors. SF2 is a payload-agnostic, rugged and durable 22-inch mid-sized multirotor aircraft designed for the extreme environments found in public safety missions. Whether being used in the fire service for search and rescue or accident scene reconstruction, by police departments for tactical missions or drone as a first responder (DFR) programs, SF2 becomes the gold standard tool to help complete the mission and get responders home safely.

Mission Ready

Built for extreme environments


SF2 Gives Pilots The Control They Deserve

  • Fly with Confidence and Be In Total Control

    SF2 uses the Herelink integrated remote controller with a maximum transmission distance of six miles and an onboard Pixhawk Cube Orange (NDAA compliant Blue Cube and Blue Herelink available upon request).

  • Purpose Built

    Built with aerospace grade aluminum and carbon fiber to withstand even the most demanding environments.

  • Payload-Agnostic Aircraft

    SF2 allows for users to select from many HD camera and state of the art sensor options within the payload limits – from the FLIR Duo Pro R to the Wiris Pro, various Sony mapping cameras and many more.

  • Always Mission Ready

    With its folding boom configuration, SF2 can be transported in a compact lightweight case or backpack for quick deployment.

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