Skyfire Academy

6 October 2020 | Skyfire Training Academy

Flying with confidence

Flying drones may sound fun but for some people it’s a scary, nerve racking experience! Especially for public safety personnel that already have stressful jobs, adding the task of flying a drone on the scene of an emergency requires some confidence. Not only are your peers watching you fly, but your higher-ups are relying on the crucial information you’re looking for that can save lives and time. Using your knowledge and having complete confidence are two ways to ensure your flight is a success.

Basic training is a great start to building that confidence and knowledge base. You must continue to fly and learn from mistakes to become a truly skilled pilot. At Skyfire we are here to help expand your knowledge and make you a safer, more proficient, and confident pilot that will take your efficiency and ability to fly successful missions to the next level. We can’t preach enough how important it is to continually get stick time to maintain your skills. It is also equally important to find time to expand those skills.

Our Skyfire Drone Academy is that source of information and provides the skill building experience that you need to to become a more confident pilot. We’re here to help you create new tactics to be used in the field which will then solidify your UAS programs success and growth. The more people see you flying the more support the program will gain. What are you not confident in doing with your drone? Our training courses can help with SAR, mapping, night flight, indoor flight, overwatch, tactical surveys, event management, swat/special missions, and more. As Vanilla Ice would say, “and if there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it”. Skyfire has your back.

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