Geospatial World: Skyfire supports FAA determination to allow training missions under a COA

2 December 2021 | Media Mentions

December 2 — Georgia,USA —

Skyfire Consulting (Skyfire) announced its support of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) determination that training missions conducted under a Certificate of Authorization (COA) are permitted by Public Aircraft Operators. While there has not been a change to the defined “governmental function”, the FAA is permitting public safety agencies to conduct training missions under their COA. Skyfire has reminded its clients that training is only permitted for the agency that has been issued the COA and they may not use their COA to train other agencies who do not have a COA.

“Skyfire is in full support that the FAA has rightfully addressed the issue regarding agencies not being able to train under a COA,” said Ben Kroll, Skyfire Chief Operations Officer. “This recent determination will eliminate the potential safety issue of not allowing agencies to train their own crew and avoid further burden to obtain additional certifications simply for training.”

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