So You Bought a Drone

8 September 2020 | Public Safety

Getting the Most Out of Your Drone

Many times, it’s difficult to get the purchase of a drone approved. Throughout our years supporting clients, we’ve found being able to demonstrate the many drone applications and how they can best benefit your department to be most helpful in arguing your case. 

There are the classic uses like keeping public safety professionals out of harm’s way, saving money not using helicopters, having relatively inexpensive thermal capabilities, and actively being able to search areas that might take officers on foot longer to complete. Those are all at the top of most lists. Though the reason which doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves, is the ability to add on to your drone once it’s been purchased. 

The Enterprise series of Mavics from DJI have lots of little attachments that work wonders in making the jobs of public safety easier. There’s the loudspeaker, the spotlight attachment, and a strobe light that all come standard with the Enterprise series of Mavics. There are also other attachments from third party companies that can be just as useful. Even on the Mavic 2, there are options to add lighting and additional cameras. Also there are drop systems, parachutes, and even tethers for the Mavic 2 and Matrice models from DJI. There is now a tether system for the Mavic 2. Which goes to show you that companies are still coming out with new tools to help you get the most out of your existing fleet. 

Knowing your drone won’t become obsolete in a few months is a definite selling feature.