Beyond Visual Line of Sight: What is it? And how can we help? 

The magical phrase in the drone world “Beyond Visual Line of Sight” (BVLOS), has been an elusive phrase for some time. Currently all departments must maintain visual line of sight when operating their drones. Only a handful of departments have obtained some style of BVLOS approval. The Tactical BVLOS Waiver has recently been approved by the FAA. There are some limitations to the TBVLOS compared to the standard BVLOS COA. The key limitations to TBVLOS are that the drone must stay within 1,500ft from the pilot, 50ft or less over obstacles and fly no higher than 400ft AGL. To fly within these restrictions requires keen flight awareness so the pilot doesn’t hit obstacles and stays within the rules of the waiver.

Our Academy can teach pilots these skills sets to ensure they fly safe every time when using the TBVLOS Waiver. Key parts to this training include measuring obstacles, understanding your surroundings and putting the drone to good use for specific scenarios. Flying beyond visual line of sight may seem easy at first but there are many precautions that need to be covered to ensure a safe and effective flight.

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