04.20.2021 – B-B-B-B-Baad To The Drone

21 April 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter




Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department
Well ladies and gentlemen, the drone flight of all drone flights just happened yesterday. For the first time in human history, flight has taken place on a foreign planet. Well, we guess it’s the first time. When you start to get into statistics, you really open the can of worms of, “are we alone in the universe?”. And we have a word limit per article, so it’s not really something we can get into. To really cover our bases, it’s the first time a human made craft has flown on a foreign planet in human history.

If you’re done peeling apart our words, we shall continue. 

The toddler size aircraft flew for less than a minute, but it’s still one of the most astounding things that humans have ever done. In just under 120 years, we went from the first manned flight on a beach in North Carolina, to remotely flying an aircraft on another planet. We as a species can take credit for this monumental feat. Even those of us who did literally nothing to advance the technology, but instead were covered in chip crumbs while writing newsletters for their adoring fans as the historic moment happened. Not hitting a quarter life crisis or anything like that.



Image Courtesy:Skyfire’s Art Department 

The title to this article might not make sense now, but by the end of it, you’ll realize there are two woolly good puns in that sentence. We aren’t trying to herd you to a conclusion, or pull the wool over your eyes, we just want to share an interesting video about drone use on a farm. 

There are lots of ways that farmers ewes drones on agricultural farms. Spreading insecticide, checking plant health, and even planting seeds. But why not move the tech to another type of farm? A livestock farm. Say a sheep farm. We have the perfect video to show the effectiveness! 

Now, there’s more than one way to shear a sheep, and there is also more than one way to herd them. You can use a four-wheeler, a four legged dog, or a four prop drone to herd your animals where they need to go. But which way offers the path of… fleece resistance? We’re glad you asked. It’s got to be the drone. You can just chill on your four-wheeler with your four legged friend and fly the drone to herd the sheep as you see fit! The only problem you might face is when the sheep start to fight back. Watch the whole video. Ewe will see.



Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department 
Drones are pretty sweet, but they aren’t some life changing gift from the heavens that we can use to change the very Earth we live on for the better. 

Ok, maybe they are. People do have plans to use drones for fighting deforestation, cleaning up and monitoring the oceans, protecting wildlife, and now exploring other planets for clues of previous life. Huh. Maybe they are. 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for being pretty decadent. And they are investing some hefty funds in some tech from which they’ll really benefit! 

The UAE is trying to use drones to make it rain. Which is just an amazing rap song from the early 2000’s that never got made. Missed opportunities. The way they plan on doing this is by charging the water droplets in the air in the hopes of them sticking together more often and forming rain clouds. Which is a crazy idea, but they’ve allocated $15 million dollars to getting his project to work. In a place that only receives 4 inches of rain a year on average, we imagine they’re ready to try anything. Including rain drones.



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