Skyfire Drones for Security and Surveillance

Skyfire Overwatch leverages our team of homeland security experts and a strong network of private security partners, combined with cutting-edge technology to bring actionable intelligence to teams in the field.

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Drones for Aerial Surveillance

Skyfire Overwatch’s solutions provide aerial security for your next high-profile event or day-to-day security needs. Our leading team of homeland security experts apply state-of-the-art drone technology, data streaming, and drone detection technology to assist security and risk management details across the globe. Tethered drones and fully-encrypted video feed streaming provide your team the intelligence they need in every corner of your event or property. Real-time video footage can be seamlessly streamed directly to the command center and multiple stakeholders. Our teams can operate entirely independent, allowing seamless situational awareness and serves as a critical back-up during emergencies. 

Skyfire has provided security support for even the most complex events. Our diverse team of counterterrorism and defense experts, event producers, and expansive network of law enforcement professionals make choosing Skyfire to meet your needs easy. 

Worked as the sole and first-ever overwatch provider for the NFL’s Super Bowl LIII, helping to ensure  the safety of over 500,000 attendees throughout 4 consecutive days.

Partnered with local law enforcement to secure the Democratic National Convention’s presidential debate in November 2019.

Secured high-profile events with thousands of attendees, including former presidents and A-list celebrities, across several days with complete confidentiality.

Safety and Security through Actionable Intelligence

Modular Teams

Skyfire Overwatch teams can be scaled up or down, depending on event needs. Whether it’s a single team or 20, our experts can be deployed at scale anywhere around the world. Each team comes equipped with the latest drone aircraft for the mission, including zoom, dual thermal and daylight cameras, and real-time video streaming software. Each team consists of a remote pilot in command and a visual observer.

Real-Time Data Feed

Oftentimes, commercial off-the-shelf drone solutions don’t match the demands of critical sector missions. Skyfire’s aircraft and payload systems are customizable to meet your specific criteria to ensure you have highly functioning, robust healthcare drones when you need them most.

Off The Grid

Skyfire teams can be operated entirely off the grid, making our UAV data feeds one of the most secure assets to any large-scale event security deployment. All data feeds are encrypted to the highest standards to avoid hacking and ensure security commanders have the most up-to-date, most secure situational awareness available.

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