Skyfire Drone Academy

Skyfire offers highly customizable POST certified courses and expertise delivering the best and most applicable training for your needs. Skyfire training ensures you and your pilots are well-equipped to launch as incidents arise, bringing heightened situational awareness and accelerated response times, and thus enhancing safety across communities and to your team. Our team of drone experts carry extensive in-field experience in all critical sectors.

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Drone Education Experts

Skyfire Drone Academy has trained hundreds of public safety and critical sector professionals across all 50 states and internationally. Skyfire Academy is led by industry veterans, Michael Rogers, Director of Public Safety and Mike Briant, Chief Security Officer. With over 50 years of combined real-world operational experience, and experience in aviation training, Rogers and Briant offer mission ready tools to those within public safety and are well-equipped to teach drone pilots of all experience levels. 

Skyfire Academy teaches part 107 prep, 2-day basic training, SWAT/ Tactics training, police drone training led by tactics experts with real world law enforcement and counter terrorism experience, firefighting drone training, emergency management drone training, and drone training for all other critical sectors. Skyfire is also an official training partner of Parrot, offering certified Parrot OEM training. Our POST certified drone training is available at our Atlanta area facility, online, or in person at your facility. Skyfire makes it easy for your team to get the training you and your pilots need to fly safe and fly smart.

100% of students who have taken Skyfire’s Part 107 prep course have passed the FAA’s Remote Pilot written exam.

Skyfire has instructed hundreds of public safety and other critical sector professionals across the United States. And is led by homeland security experts and the prior manager of the FBI’s UAS program.

Over 10,000 hours in manned aircraft over the past 50+ years, a testament to our experience in aviation and familiarity with airspace federal regulations.

Drone Training for Real-World Application

Skyfire Understands Your Needs

Skyfire doesn’t just teach you how to turn on and launch the drone. Our associates take the time to instruct you on how to fully maximize your technology’s potential for your specific operation in the safest way possible.

Trusted, Friendly Instructors

Hundreds of public safety and critical infrastructure pilots, of all experience levels, have come to rely on Skyfire as the go-to source for training. With an unmatched focus on safety, our instructors really make the difference, making sure to listen to your needs and adapt the training accordingly.

Highly Experienced Staff

Our team of drone training experts have countless years and hours of experience in aviation instruction and state, local and federal law enforcement training. We have created customized curriculum for all critical sectors and break down the material in such a way that is easy to understand and apply to your uses in the field.

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