Specialized FAA Drone Waivers

Skyfire’s close relationship with regulators and significant experience in navigating regulatory channels allows for an expedited and seamless process in obtaining your specialized drone waivers. Whether it be a part 107 waiver, night waiver, flight over people, BVLOS or any other regulatory hurdle you may be encountering, Skyfire can help your operation get to where it needs to be.

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FAA Drone Waiver Experts

Skyfire’s team has worked to establish long-lasting working relationships with the FAA. Through these relationships and years of experience both in manned and unmanned aviation, Skyfire has the knowledge and experience to navigate your complex waiver needs. Our team is available to facilitate your filing, navigating the often  multifaceted FAA processes and aiding in understanding various FAA requirements. Skyfire is also well-versed in developing Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) and safety and risk assessments in line with FAA guidelines.

By choosing Skyfire for your flight over people, part 107, BVLOS, or other specialized authorization or waiver filing, you can expect delivery of your waivers on a truncated timeline. What takes some years to obtain, can be acquired in weeks to months. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals, while you focus on your day-to-day operations.

Obtained the first COA with beyond visual line of sight provision for public safety as part of FAA IPP.

Successfully filed over 200 blanket and jurisdictional COAs for agencies across the United States.

Receive your specialized FAA waivers in weeks to months versus years.

Seamless FAA Waiver Filing

Extensive Aviation Knowledge and Experience

Our team has a combined 5,000 hours in manned aircraft over the past 20+ years, a testament to our experience in aviation and familiarity with the national airspace system and FAA regulations.

Go-to Drone Consultants for Hundreds of Clients

Hundreds of clients have relied on us to lead them through
basic and complex airspace regulations, leading to over 200 COAs filed and even the nation’s first-of-its-kind BVLOS provision for public safety.

Results Driven Team

Our team is fully committed to providing you the guidance you need to safely and legally navigate the skies.

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