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Who is Skyfire?

Founded in 2014, Skyfire and its parent Atlanta Drone Group set out to become the leader in drone program consulting for public safety. It has since evolved and now offers custom solutions for critical sectors such as oil and gas, global public health, disaster response, and private security and event overwatch. In addition, Skyfire also offers custom state-of-the-art design, testing and manufacturing of high-end American made drones for military and public safety applications.

What does Skyfire offer?

Skyfire is the most trusted and experienced public safety and critical infrastructure drone consulting company in the United States. Specializing in pilot training, FAA consulting, SOP development, drone design and manufacturing and service and repairs for public safety agencies, Skyfire is focused on providing solutions to the most complex needs.

Does Skyfire manufacture Drones?

Skyfire began design and manufacturing custom built American-made drones in early 2020 through its majority stake acquisition in Viking Unmanned Aerial Systems, a drone engineering, design and manufacturing house. While the engineering focus has historically been on high-end unmanned systems for US Military research, the acquisition has widened the scope to include purpose-built solutions for critical sectors like public safety, infrastructure and last-mile delivery for medical supplies.

Who works at Skyfire?

Matt Sloane, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Skyfire and Atlanta Drone Group

Ben Kroll, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Instructor, Skyfire

Walt Wylupek, Chief Technology Officer & President Viking UAS

Adam Weaver, Chief Legal Officer

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