Industrial Drone Services

Skyfire empowers companies around the world with the most powerful, cost-effective aerial technology for critical infrastructure applications. Our combination of technology and experience offers a wide range of solutions for construction and surveying, energy and utilities, critical infrastructure and asset management.

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Drones for Industry

Skyfire offers unmanned aerial solutions for industry and critical infrastructure to help reduce costs and enhance safety with faster, smarter and safer data.

In energy and utilities, our solutions are all encompassing, including: asset and confined space inspection, gas monitoring, emergency response, thermography, leak detection, surveying and orthomosaics, subsurface and aerial magnetometers. In addition, Skyfire provides construction and surveying-specific solutions such as soil volume calculations, 3D modeling, photogrammetry, site progress and CAD/BIM design verification.

Monitor and track your critical assets with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and bluetooth LE options, allowing you to accomplish more with less equipment, fewer resources, and reduced downtime. 

No matter the need, our expertise, technology and solutions-driven team are here to help. 

Handles emergency response for over 50% of the United State’s east coast petroleum supply.

In early 2020, Skyfire announced its partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovations and a major U.S. pipeline operator to establish automated aerial drone pipeline inspections along a major U.S. gas pipeline.

You can achieve up to a 70% reduction in costs by choosing Skyfire’s services versus traditional methods.

Safe, Efficient, Cost Saving Solutions

Reliable Team of Drone Experts

Our pilots offer thousands of flight hours with extensive experience in drone thermography, drone mapping, drone surveying, and drone inspections. Our pilots are sUAS thermography licensed with FLIR thermal certification.

Safety – Excellent Track Record

Skyfire understands that safety is paramount, achieving the results you want without sacrificing the safety of your equipment, personnel, and assets. Our team is fully licensed and insured.

Actionable Data Quickly

Our people make the difference. Our team of friendly and reliable pilots are available as needed with a steadfast commitment to not only collecting data, but delivering results safely and on-schedule.

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