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1 May 2024 | Press Releases

BRINC and Skyfire Partner to Expand Public Safety Drone Programs Across the United States

The partnership will provide regulatory support, equipment, software, and training to law enforcement and emergency response agencies deploying drones

10 April 2024 | Press Releases

Rise DFR Village Launches as the Ultimate UAS and Counter UAS Showcase and Training Facility

Rise DFR Village— the nation's most advanced training ground for Drone First Responders (DFR). This one-of-a-kind facility provides public safety agencies, military/DOD, critical infrastructure, and private industry with best-in-class testing, training, and demonstration grounds to advance and adopt DFR programs.

22 February 2024 | Press Releases

Skyfire Helps Launch First-of-Its-Kind Joint Drone First Responder Program in Fremont, CA

Skyfire announced its collaboration with the Fremont, California Fire and Police Departments to launch the first-of-its-kind joint Drone First Responder (DFR) program in the United States. The program, approved by the Fremont City Council on February 13, 2024, has leveraged Skyfire's expertise in consulting, community engagement, regulatory support (Beyond Visual Line of Site ‘BVLOS’ waiver), and training to enhance public safety and emergency response times.

7 December 2023 | Press Releases

Skyfire Founder and CEO, Matt Sloane, Honored in Emory University’s 40 Under Forty Program

Emory University's prestigious 40 Under Forty program has recognized Matt Sloane, Founder and CEO of Skyfire, as one of this year's outstanding alumni making significant strides in their respective fields. Emory University, known for producing architects of change across diverse industries worldwide, annually selects a handful of alumni who exemplify excellence, innovation, and impactful service.

1 August 2023 | Press Releases

Skyfire and Ondas Autonomous Systems Partner to Bring Drone-in-a-Box Solution to U.S. Public Safety Markets

Partnership combines Skyfire’s expertise in delivering aerial data solutions to public safety customers and Ondas’ advanced autonomous drone technology.

9 May 2023 | Press Releases

Skyfire Launches Skyfire Response — a Turnkey Solution for Drone First Responder (DFR) Programs

Skyfire launched Skyfire Response — a complete turnkey solution for Drone First Responder (DFR) programs. DFR programs are a revolutionary means by which the deployment of drones enhances response to emergency situations and adds an element of safety for public safety agencies and the community.

1 March 2023 | Press Releases

Skyfire & VOTIX Partner to Bring the Full Potential of Drones to Public Safety

Skyfire partners with VOTIX — maker of pioneering and fastest growing drone automation, orchestration and remote operation software applications. This strategic partnership will allow VOTIX to leverage Skyfire’s decade of experience within public safety and to provide agencies a smoother path towards starting and operating Drone First Responder (DFR) programs.

22 February 2023 | Press Releases

Skyfire Makes Drone First Responder (DFR) Easy to Understand

Skyfire continues to push towards training and education aimed at making it easier for public safety agencies to understand what Drone First Responder (DFR) programs are all about, and how to transition a traditional drone program into a DFR program. Explainer Video:

11 January 2023 | Press Releases

Skyfire Partners with AeroVigilance to Provide World-Class Counter-UAS Services

Skyfire has officially partnered with AeroVigilance— A leading counter uncrewed aircraft systems (Counter-UAS) consulting and training company, devoted to helping people and organizations understand the risks posed by uncrewed aircraft, and finding solutions to enhance airspace awareness and security measures. This newly formed partnership brings decades of combined real-world experience in both offensive and defensive drone missions to help proactively defend against threats.

15 November 2022 | Press Releases

Skyfire Helps Nation’s Largest Utility Company PG&E Obtain BVLOS Waiver for Use Across California

Skyfire has successfully helped Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) obtain a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver under a Part 107 for the entire state of California. PG&E is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric utilities in the United States, servicing approximately 16 million customers.

4 November 2022 | Press Releases

Skyfire and Textron Systems Team Up to Offer More Actionable Data to Public Safety Agencies and Drone First Responder Programs

Skyfire teamed up with Textron Systems — a world leader in geospatial data analysis and image processing software and services to offer more actionable data to public safety agencies and Drone First Responder (DFR) programs. Skyfire has been working closely with the Textron Systems team to help take their industry-leading software products and shape them for the public safety market.

6 October 2022 | Press Releases

Skyfire Response Network Launched to Give Public Safety Agencies Access to Certified Drone Pilots Across the U.S.A

Skyfire launched Skyfire Response Network— a collection of public safety-certified UAS pilots who can be deployed for remote pilot work, emergency response efforts, and training classes. The Skyfire Response Network is the next step towards building upon Skyfire’s industry leading Drone First Responder (DFR) platform - with the ultimate goal that every public safety agency in the country should be able to get eyes on an emergency scene within 3 minutes of a 911 call.

22 September 2022 | Press Releases

Skyfire Selected as Preferred Drone Training Academy by DroneSeed

Skyfire selected by DroneSeed—an innovative paid per acre service to restore forests and rangelands using drone swarms— as its preferred drone training partner and FAA regulatory consultant. In this capacity, Skyfire will provide extensive training to DroneSeed’s growing internal flight crew and ensure regulatory filing requirements are met.

30 August 2022 | Press Releases

Skyfire & DroneSense Partner to Help Agencies Smoothly Integrate Drone First Responder (DFR) Programs

Skyfire has officially partnered with DroneSense— maker of leading drone management and collaboration platform. This strategic partnership will allow both Skyfire and DroneSense to provide public safety agencies a complete Drone First Responder (DFR) package and help them smoothly navigate through the phases of starting a program.

30 June 2022 | Press Releases

Skyfire Helps Secure Three More BVLOS Approvals, Continues to Lead Drone First Responder Charge

Skyfire helped secure Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waivers, specifically for Drone First Responder (DFR) — a revolutionary means by which the deployment of drones enhances response to emergency situations and adds an element of safety for public safety agencies and the community—for three additional police departments around the country. Brookhaven Police, GA., Elizabeth Police , NJ., and Collier County Police, FL. have each obtained BVLOS waivers in three separate classes of airspace, and with the help of Skyfire will bring the innovative DFR programs to their communities.

16 June 2022 | Press Releases

Skyfire Completes Run of Federal Law Enforcement Training for CBP, FBI and Secret Service; Launches World-Class Advanced Drone Training Academy

Real-world mission-based courses taught by former FBI and State Department professionals

25 February 2022 | Press Releases

American-Made Drone Designed for Real-World Public Safety and Critical Sector Missions

Skyfire launched the most versatile American-Made drone on the planet, purpose built for public safety and critical sectors. SF2 is a payload-agnostic, rugged and durable 22-inch mid-sized multirotor aircraft designed for the extreme environments found in public safety missions. Whether being used in the fire service for mapping missions and scene reconstruction, by police departments for tactical missions or drone first responder (DFR) programs, SF2 becomes the gold standard tool to help complete the mission and get responders home safely.

16 December 2020 | Press Releases

Skyfire Increases Officer and Community Safety Through NEW Drone as First Responder Program

Skyfire launched the most robust and comprehensive Drone First Responder (DFR) program set-up in the nation— a revolutionary means by which the deployment of drones enhances response to emergency situations and adds an element of safety for public safety agencies and the community. DFR programs aim to decrease response times, provide situational awareness and increase efficiency.

7 October 2020 | Press Releases

Skyfire Adds Law Enforcement Veterans with Addition of Chief Security Officer and Director of Public Safety

Skyfire appoints Michael Briant as Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Michael Rogers as Director of Public Safety. Additionally, both gentlemen will team up and bring their experience to the Skyfire Academy, which has just released its latest suite of law enforcement training programs, as they lead one of the most robust training programs in the industry. Bringing Briant and Rogers on board adds years of real-world expertise and in-classroom experience to offer clients best-in-class drone and security solutions. 

16 March 2020 | Press Releases

Viking UAS Acquisition

Skyfire Consulting to Deliver High-End American-Made Drones for Critical Sectors with Majority Stake Acquisition of Viking UAS

10 January 2020 | Press Releases

Long-Endurance Hydrogen-Powered Drone Success for Commercial Use

Skyfire Consulting, Doosan Mobility Team Up to Prove Long-Endurance Hydrogen-Powered Drone Success for Commercial Use 

17 December 2019 | Press Releases

Skydas post certification

Skyfire Consulting and Skydas Group Team Up to Offer POST-Certified Drone Training, Ramp Up Law Enforcement and Event Offerings

15 November 2019 | Press Releases

Successful Crossing

Drone delivers laboratory supplies in 43-mile ocean-crossing test for USVI Department of Health

16 October 2019 | Press Releases


Chula Vista, CA — Skyfire Consulting, the country’s premier public safety UAV consultancy, announced today FAA approval for the first active emergency response Certificate of Authorization with a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) provision for public safety as part of the FAA’s  in the IPP program.

4 February 2019 | Press Releases

Super bowl

Skyfire's Tethered Drones Used for the First Time to Secure The Big Game