High-End American Made Drones for Critical Sectors

Skyfire’s design and manufacturing arm, offers state-of-the-art design, testing and manufacturing of high-end unmanned systems for military and civilian applications. In addition to  our own manufacturing, Skyfire works closely with third party equipment distributors and manufacturers to provide our clients best in class solutions. Skyfire’s mission is to ensure that each client has access to the best equipment to suit their needs, whether from Skyfire or our value partners.

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Drone Design and Manufacturing for the Real World

With over 30 years of combined experience engineering aircrafts, Skyfire’s drone solutions are suited for the most rugged operating environments. From ever changing wind conditions to extreme temperatures and precipitation, Skyfire’s drones are custom built for real world applications. Skyfire also provides guided equipment selection to ensure your mission specific needs are met through the offerings of our preferred partners.

In addition to its state of the art drone technology, Skyfire boasts one of the top design & manufacturing and drone test pilot teams in the industry. The Skyfire team is backed by years of real world advanced operations experience both domestically and abroad. Members of its crew have been the brains behind technology currently in Mars on NASA’s Curiosity Rover, designed technology and processes for global leaders in aviation/aeronautics and have served in elite operations units in the United States Airforce. When it comes to quality and performance, Skyfire looks to its team of leading test pilots to place its drones in any tactical situation they may face. Led by one of the World’s top extreme drone racing pilots, it’s safe to say that drones that make it through the Skyfire testing phase are 100% mission ready.

With over 600 aircraft platforms designed to date, suited for the most extreme operating environments, Skyfire manufactures innovative drone solutions specific to your applications. Skyfire’s airframes are available in multiple configurations, from micro drones to 1,000 lb+ heavy-lift mule drones. The following are also available: fixed wing, fixed wing transition (VTOL), tricopter, quadcopter in X & H configurations, quad octos, hexacopters, dodecacopter, hexadecacopter, and aerostat. All configurations are available with LiPo, gas hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, and tethered options.

Over 600 unmanned aircraft platforms designed to date.

Skyfire has worked with some of the world’s leading defense programs, including the United States military to develop highly specialized drone solutions.

Experience with high-speed counter-UAS development, radiation detection drones, manned quadcopters, and high-altitude research drones exceeding 100,000+ feet.

Purpose Built Drone Systems for Critical Sectors

Industry Leading Quality

Skyfire is one of the only UAS/UAV aircraft manufacturers that offers a complete testing program. We provide you with engine run up test data, detailed performance data package, video of the test and a complete electronics failure cycle test to ensure our products meet your demands.

Critical Sector Support

Viking’s innovative systems provide drone support for critical sectors across the country. Sectors Viking supports:

Your First and Last Call

Skyfire’s team has over twenty years of combined UAS experience and you can rest assured that if you have complex needs, Skyfire can provide a solution. Skyfire has built relationships with nearly 300 specialty component manufacturers around the world so that even the most unique requests can be brought to life.

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