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Skyfire offers drone program development, FAA compliance consulting, drone as a first responder (DFR) setup and support, BVLOS, TBVLOS, traditional COA processing, consulting on equipment selection, and an abundance of POST certified training customized to your needs for drones in public safety efforts – across law enforcement, fire and emergency response. Our team is America’s leading source for guiding public safety drone integration across federal, state and local levels.

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Skyfire has helped hundreds of public safety departments across the United States launch successful drone programs. Our experts fully understand how the implementation of a quality drone program can drive public safety efforts, enhancing safety through response efficiency across the board for your community and your team, increasing accountability of personnel, and minimizing incidents within an incident. Drones are easy to use tools that are cost effective and fully scalable force multipliers.

By working closely together through a collaborative process, Skyfire prepares your program development manual with policies and procedures specific to your department. Skyfire offers highly customizable and comprehensive training to ensure your pilots are flying safely. Our team goes beyond to survey your local airspace and advises on how to best ensure you’re operating within the FAA’s regulations and provides Certificate of Authorization processing with fast turnaround times. Skyfire also works in tandem with equipment manufacturers and distributors who provide a robust offering of aircraft solutions to ensure you are getting the best equipment for your needs.

Skyfire’s public safety team is led by Mike Rogers, who managed and grew the FBI’s national UAS program, and directed both equipment selection, training programs, and operation deployments. He, in addition to Skyfire’s experienced staff of drone professionals and public safety veterans can advise as to which drones and accessories are best suited for your mission needs. Our team takes pride in its ongoing relationships with departments, offering advanced and ongoing training, unbounded advice and on-call support 24/7/365. 

Skyfire is your one-stop shop and America’s go-to source for launching public safety drone programs. Our team makes it easy to seamlessly integrate the use of drones in law enforcement, drones in firefighting, drones in emergency management, and other public safety drone applications. 
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Helped over 300 departments across the United States through the launch of successful drone programs.

On-call team of drone experts, here to provide guidance and help you through your drone troubleshooting needs as they arise.

Offers guidance in all aspects needed to launch a drone program: FAA regulatory guidance, fleet management, program manuals, and comprehensive training.

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Skyfire’s team includes public safety veterans and drone professionals that’ve worked closely with public safety professionals since its inception in 2014, having helped hundreds of departments launch drone programs. Our team is highly aware of public safety’s specific needs and provides reliable, and most importantly, applicable solutions.

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With over 10,000 in manned aircraft hours, our team thoroughly understands the unique nature of aviation. Skyfire’s staff has over 50+ years of experience in aviation training and carries extensive knowledge in airspace, and the various drone technologies. Skyfire is a comprehensive UAS solutions provider.

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