06.02.2021 – We Ain’t Scared Of No Alien Invaders

2 June 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter



Image Courtesy: The Atlantic

July 4th is coming up, and you all might be starting to get your ducks in a row. That big BBQ isn’t going to throw itself. So you start to take a tally of everything you need. Grill? Check. Charcoal? Check. Tongs? Check. Spatula? Check. Stone pavers that show the age of your house that are embedded into the ground and can never be replaced if stolen? MISSING! 

But how would anyone know that the priceless rocks were there? Unless it was one of three things. 

Option 1. An inside job. Statistically your spouse is the most likely person to kill you, and redecorate your backyard.
Option 2. Insurance fraud. The stones can cost quite a bit of money as they are sometimes 200-300 years old.
Option 3. Someone flew a drone over head and scouted out the yards with the expensive looking stone pavers and planned the heist of a century to steal them Oceans 11 style while Brad Pitt ate like 30 shrimp cocktails. 

Definitely Option 3 right? That’s what local authorities in the UK think. Not the Brad Pitt part… if that threw you off, you must be new here. Welcome! They think that a high tech stone burglar is flying over historic homes, scouting out which gardens have the nicest flat rocks and stealing them. If you’ve seen the movies, you know they aren’t tied to just one continent. Thieves have also used drones to search for farm equipment in rural parts of California! You’d think George Clooney would have better things to do.



Image Courtesy: Wired UK

Those of us that live in neighborhoods or have owned a dog more than likely know the truly awful feeling of stepping in dog poop. It’s been scientifically proven to be one of the few things that will turn a good day sour in a literal instant. Stubbing your toe is another. 

It’s probably a tale as old as time. For millennia dog owners have forgotten their poop bags and just left their dogs business for someone else to deal with. And it’s only gotten worse with neighborhood Facebook groups. Little old ladies waiting by their windows just hoping to catch someone not picking it up so they can tell Gladys or Muriel, or some other generic old woman name. 

Well, the future is now folks. 

Boston Dynamics comes up a lot in our feed with their adorable, yet oddly terrifying robots. Spot is the yellow one with the arm that we’ve discussed before. It’s being talked about that Spot, a robot dog, will pick up the poop of real dogs. Which seems a little wrong, for some reason? Anyone else? 

We’ve talked about drones being used to guide Spot before, so our idea is to use a drone to spot the dog pooping, and Spot is immediately sent out to the location to clean up! And we thought A.I. was scary. It’s just being used to pick up dog poop. There’s no way it’s a slippery slope to connecting all the robots of the world together to eventually realize humans are the cause of all destruction on Earth… Haha! Just kidding! Or…?



Image Courtesy: Sci-News.com

Tired of your Cruiser or Destroyer constantly being attacked by intelligently guided missiles? Or what about those pesky neighborhood drones always giving away your strategic advantage? What’s that about? Well, let me let you in on a little secret. You can end those problems. Lickity-split. 

With the all new, all in one Giant-Ass Laser! This laser is capable of frying sensors aboard smart missiles and drones, and is so powerful it MIGHT *wink* even be able to set off the tip of the missile rendering it useless as soon as it’s spotted. 

The Giant-Ass Laser is now more laser equipped than ever before. This laser is the most laser-y laser that Laser, Inc. has ever created. 

Ok. I thought this was going somewhere but it quickly lost its steam. How many times can you even say laser? The lasers do allow the ships to carry less defensive munitions on board, as the laser has an endless supply of ammo. That means that the ships can protect themselves for longer while backup arrives. If there’s even a need for backup, that is.



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