06.15.2021 – Another Weed Story

16 June 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter




Image Courtesy: DroneDJ

Thaaat’s right folks. We hope that when some of you saw this article you thought, “I can’t wait to read about this in PropellerHeads.” Well, here ya go!

Some say the perfect story can’t be written. That it would be just too good to be true. But the only thing that would make this story more fitting to our light-hearted newsletter would be if the drone had a propeller hat on when this occurred. It ticks all the other boxes.

Albuquerque Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III, was answering the questions of about a 70 person crowd when someone flew a drone, with what looked like… ahem… an adult sex toy attached, at the Sheriff.  How does one even react to that situation? A well endowed drone doing high speed fly bys while you’re just trying to answer the people’s questions. We would later find out that all wasn’t what it appeared to be. Apparently, it was just a sock stuffed with paper. Sheriff Gonzales handled it as well as we think anyone could, but then a woman in the crowd said it. She had to do it to us. Those 7 famous words, “Is that a dong on a drone?”. That would have been it for us. Things could only go down from that point on. 

You might think, “That was a little tame.” But we can’t write jokes about things that are already funny, everyone. It’s really difficult, and our writers are not over-achievers. We mean, the Twitter user who claimed responsibility for the incident is “dongcopter505”. Which can only mean dongcopter420 and dongcopter69 were already taken. 




Image Courtesy: Stalnov.net

Scientists believe they have developed a new way for drones to help public safety agencies look for missing people or people that are trapped after natural disasters. 

The idea is that the drone will scan the areas where people are believed to be and use listening devices to “hear” cries for help. Rescuers could make their way to the area and find those people faster than they would with traditional methods. 

Your question might be, what if people don’t want to be found? That’s a silly question, reader. This tech is only intended to find those in distress. Yes, the tech could be used by bad actors to spy on people, but why would they when they can just tap into your phone? Glad we could put your mind at ease. 

This tech has promising applications for public safety, unless your town holds a lot of hardcore metal concerts. Might be difficult to use then.



Image Courtesy: AgFunderNews

Weed and drone stories have become such a big part of Propellerheads that the writers’ room has rastafarian flags, and hacky sacks laying around. In reality it’s just a half finished basement in one of our parent’s houses. But, we cut our teeth on stories about drones being used for illicit behavior. It’s kind of the only thing that gets us out of… 

What’s that? Not that kind of weed? Are we sure? Dandelions? Crab grass?

Turn off Bob Marley. It’s not that kind of story. 

Bleh. Ok. So Montana is trying to kill weeds with drones, or whatever, which is actually a pretty good idea. And apparently much more efficient than traditional methods. Like.. 10 times more efficient. That’s insane! They say a drone could take the place of 6 people trying to cover the same amount of land. And it’s all pretty much autonomous. Which frees them up to do other farmer things, like chew on a piece of wheat or pose with their spouse in front of a house with a pitch fork. That’s normal stuff, right?

More accurate distribution and less exposure to chemicals for humans sounds like the perfect job for a drone. After it retires from the force and busting criminals with the other type of weed.



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Alright, folks — that’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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