07.13.2021 – In Nomine Patris et Fillii et Dronus Sancti

15 July 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter




Image Courtesy: Jason Weingart Photography

How much longer do we have to pretend like drones aren’t being used to find alien crash sites? Now they’re saying, “They’re here to help find meteorites.” Yea, ok, Dr. Scientist. We know that’s what you’re being told to tell us by BIG BROTHER.

The drones are apparently being used to scan areas and find smaller meteorites. You see, the larger ones are pretty easy to find. There are usually lots of knocked down trees, dead livestock, and typically a pretty big, smoking hole in the ground. We don’t know why the kids smoke down there. They think it’s cool?

Anyway, the drones feed their footage into a neural net which analyzes the images and detects smaller meteors. So that’s two terrifying things in one. Giant flaming rocks *Cough ALIENS Cough* falling from the sky, and AI so advanced we don’t know how it works. Smells like the perfect recipe for a Robot/Alien team up against the human race if you ask us. They said that the drones weren’t very good at recognizing the meteors right now, but what if they don’t want to be good at finding their brethren? Riddle us that.



Image Courtesy: Royal Aeronautical Society

You have to be careful these days. Back in the old days, they did their best to keep you on the ship if you were in the Navy, but now it seems like they’re throwing people overboard just to test out the latest and greatest from the IT department

Obviously that’s not true, but it’s funny to think about. You’re just minding your own business, and suddenly you’re picked up and thrown overboard, and all you hear is something about “a new drone” that “will bring you a life jacket” at least “in theory it should”. Panic sets in as you hit the water.

Again, obviously not how the tests go, but there are real benefits to having a drone that will both bring you a life jacket and hover over you until a rescue team can get to you. If you paired that with technology that can auto detect human screams and splashing water and wrapped it all up, you might catch this PropellerHeads writer in deeper than ankle-deep water. Might be a while from now.]



Image Courtesy: RTE

That’s right folks, we’ve been brushing up on our latin for this one. Well not really. Just that one line, but that was super hard to find for someone raised in Georgia.

This week we’re taking you to the rolling hills of Ireland. Where you can’t go very far without running into a pub or a church. We mean “running into”, like coming across a pub or a church. Not physically running IN to a pub or church. But, there are no rules against that.

Friar Patsy Lynch, who sounds like a made up Irish person, has decided to bring a little bit of technology to the church. With the recent Delta variant of COVID making its rounds in the world, the Friar wanted to allow people who might not be able to get out and about at the moment a chance to see their loved ones’ graves and also uses the drones as loud speakers to project his words allowing people to distance themselves. He flies the drones himself and then shares the feed live with anyone who wants to watch.

There are no jokes for Friar Patsy. He’s using technology to lift the spirits of people who share his faith, and also providing the service of allowing people to see the graves of their loved ones when they might not be able to get out and about during these very strange times. Good on you, Friar Patsy, even if your name sounds made up!



Aug 16th – Online Part 107 | One-Day Class

Aug 16th – Two-Day Basic Training

Aug 16th – Integration of UAS into Law Enforcement Field Operations

Aug 18th – Three-Day Tactical Training

Alright, folks — that’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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