22 September 2020 | Propeller Heads Newsletter


Feels like just yesterday this giveaway was born, and now it’s got pimples, B.O., and an attitude. Ya know, we’re happy for it to be over, come to think of it…

Anyway! The winner of the DJI Inspire 1 v2 is LEON DUPONT from Forsyth County Fire Department!! 

Congratulations, Leon! We will be reaching out later today to coordinate the delivery from our friends at W.S. Darley & Co.!

For the non-winners, do not worry. The fun is not over. For the entire month of October we are discounting our service of preparing and processing COAs! The quotes received in October with discounted rates will be honored through January 31st. Cause, we are good and honest people and we want to be sure you have plenty of time to get those signatures of approval! 

Reach out to Kyle Miller (kyle@skyfireconsulting.com) to receive a quote for a Blanket COA, Jurisdictional COA, or the all new Tactical BVLOS COA. 

AND IT’S 1… 2… 3


Image Courtesy: USA TODAY

There’s a long-standing argument over what sport has the most obnoxious fans, but has anyone ever stopped to argue which sports fans have the most technologically savvy ways to be obnoxious? 

Last week a drone landed in Wrigley field during a baseball game between Chicago and Cleveland. The drone entered the stadium, and landed on the field for a few moments, then took off and hovered before leaving. 

There’s definitely a level of danger to these people flying their drones into a stadium. If there wasn’t a global pandemic, there would be tens of thousands of fans present. Not only does it potentially create cause to come out with stricter laws against drone flights, but for what? A video of some people walking off the field? They didn’t even get any good shots. 

Next time, we recommend people saving the drone filming for their family Thanksgiving football games. Should be able to get the same footage of people rushing away from the field on their way to the bathroom! This high brow poop joke brought to you by the writers of Propeller Heads.

P.S. On a serious note, temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) remain in effect for all stadiums with seating capacities of over 30,000 people before, during, and after professional sports games, even while fans are not in attendance. If you plan on flying near a stadium and find yourself unfamiliar with the previous sentence, please contact us or someone who can help you learn about where you can and cannot fly your drone!



Image Courtesy: GCN.com

Picture this. You’re riding your bike along a beautiful path in Manatee County, FL. You look to your left for just a brief moment and boom you’re barreling through the brush at 30mph, and land finally stopping after bumping into some people doing illegal things in the woods. 

Once stopped, you assess your damage, and realize you have a massive cut on your right arm. On top of that, the people you bumped into are white as ghosts. They explain, you landed on the illegal substance they were about to inject, and the full amount is in your body… 

Panicked, you call 911. Luckily you live in a county where the trial run for a drone first responder is going on. In minutes a drone flies overhead with a tourniquet, AED, and Narcan. You live

For just $1 dollar a month, you too can join the fight to stop made up accidents from happening in Florida.

Not true, but really, Archer First Response Systems LLC, is doing a trial run in Florida for a drone first responder, and the local government has said yes! This is a big deal, people! The whole $1 a month thing? That’s real too! For the first year anyway. Perks of being a guinea pig… we suppose. Guinea Manatee? Is that a thing?



Image Courtesy: Drone XL

Maybe you missed it, but not too long ago we talked about Doc Antle from Tiger King’s son trying to create a new breed of Chimps by teaching them to fly drones. The most reckless thing you can do with a drone… 

Actually, he was sending the drone to be used for conservation purposes. And that’s exactly what ecologists are using them for all around the world. Dr. Debbie Saunders is in a way leading the pack with this. With two decades of experience tracking endangered animals, she founded a company called Wildlife Drones. They use radio signaling to track and observe movement patterns of endangered animals. 

Just another example of how drones are changing the world for the better!



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Alright, folks — that’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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