A Drone Apple A Day

2 March 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter



Image Courtesy: CNN
It’s safe to say that even if you know nothing about painting or the art world, you probably know of two famous paintings; The Mona Lisa and Starry Night. 

While it would be hard to get the eyes right on the Mona Lisa using drones, Starry Night offers up a unique opportunity. It’s very segmented in its sections of colors, almost like an old 8-bit Mario Nintendo game. The painting is more complicated than that, but we figured our firefighter friends would relate to a guy with a mustache more so than a guy one with one ear! 

The real question is, why? We mean, we think it’s cool, but what value does it bring to the drone world? 

We’re glad you asked. This was a really spectacular display of a lot of drones being controlled by one computer. Which has real world applications, other than replacing laser light shows. Instead of flying a $30k drone in a grid pattern, send thirty $1k drones across a forest to find missing persons or suspects. This would maximize both the area you search and your battery time. Plus, if it’s all being run by one person, you’re not tying up 30 pilots and VO’s. And that sounds like a win-win! You can find a missing person one day, and do a version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia the next!



Image Courtesy:Droneinsite.com
Every time the massive writing team at Propeller Heads sits down to write the next issue, it just feels like we’re getting closer and closer to “When Pigs Fly”. Honestly, when you stop to think about all of the uses people are coming up with to use a drone, it’s starting to get rather silly. 

A company out of Israel has started using drones to pick apples out of trees. The scene from The Wizard of Oz where the trees start throwing their own apples out of disgust comes to mind. But there is a real world problem with finding people to harvest the fruits from farms so that we non-farmhands can enjoy the FRUITS of their labor. Sorry, had to. But as the demand for fresh produce rises, there is a dwindling number of workers that are willing to do the job. 

The company, Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, has come up with a drone that will solve the problem by deploying a swarm of drones to pick the fruit from the trees. They can be controlled by an app, and can be programmed to go out and keep harvesting until they’ve hit a quota! No more fruit rotting on the tree from not getting picked in time, which hopefully means no more shortages of Pink Ladies or Honeycrisps at the stores!




Image Courtesy: DroneDJ
We can all agree that sports have taken one of the hardest hits since the COVID times were set down upon us. From baseball games getting paused for drones landing on the field to the Masters using drones to watch boring golf, but it’s also safe to say that drones deserve more than that. They’re much more exciting and need to be used for something much cooler than baseball and golf. 

Well, we’re pleased to inform you that NASCAR used FPV drones to get footage of the Daytona 500, baby! Whooooooo!!!

Sorry, you can’t not do that after you say DAYTONA 500! Whooooooo!!! See?

The clips that they showed were not crazy impressive, but it’s understood that they really couldn’t fly over the cars while they were moving, even though how awesome would that be? An FPV drone dodging cars screaming by at 200mph. Just the thought of that amount of motion sickness is making us envious.

We can only dream. Maybe one day!


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