10 March 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter


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Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department
I mean, honestly. People don’t have anything better to do than start fires in one of the most prolific wildfire areas in the world? There is truly no other name we could think of calling someone who sets fires for no apparent reason.


Writer #1: Let us paint the picture…
Writer #2: Why do we only do this on stories in California?
Trippy Lizard-Faced Yoga Instructor: Shhhhhhhh….

Anyway, this all started at 6:20pm on a Wednesday. Already not a good start. A call is received saying there is a vegetation fire on the side of the road in Irvine. We know this was a vegetation fire, because most people in California are vegetarians. The story checks out. This blaze was extinguished only to get a call 2 hours later stating there was a fire near an apartment building not too far away. Irvine PD put their drone up in the air to check for other fires nearby and see a man literally starting a fire in some brush nearby. 

The man was taken into custody with no incident and is being held on $50,000 bail. 



Image Courtesy:Skyfire’s Art Department 

The evil Mothra has appeared once again from the depths of it’s cocoon to ravage the city of Japan… er… eat some Dutch Cress! Who will save humanity? There can be only one! Giant atomic lizard, Godzilla! Well, Dronezilla. And not really an atomic lizard, but a tiny drone that shreds the children of Mothra to tiny pieces! Take that future Mothra generations.

Ok. Back to reality. You’re probably wondering. What is Dutch Cress? No idea. Moving on. 

This company, Koppert Cress, has enlisted the help of tech company, PATS Indoor Drone Solutions, to help mitigate the moth problem they were having. You see. Moth lay egg. Egg become caterpillar. Caterpillar eat cress. So the logic here is, need drone that eat moth.

Enter DRONEZILLA! This little drone is smart enough to zip around the greenhouse and decide which bugs live and which die. How cool is that? You could say we’re BUGGING out over here. Sorry… but the drone knows to not kill bees and ladybugs which are essential to the health of the plants! That’s so wild! These drones could be used for mosquito abatement, which would just tickle us pink to know that all the mosquitoes of the world would one day be pulverized by the props of a drone.




Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department 
Have you ever left the doctor’s office and thought, “Man, it felt like they attached that vaccine’s needle to a flying projectile and crashed it into my arm.”? Yea, us neither… but it’s funny to think about. Administering shots from a drone. That’s not what they’re doing over at Zipline, but maybe they should be? It’d probably cost a fortune to send all those drones to medical school though.

We can see it now. Bills start piling up. The drone sneaks into your house once and that’s all it takes. Next thing you know, there’s money missing off your dresser, a needle in your arm and, well, you know how it goes. We’ve seen it a hundred times.

Zipline has partnered with the country of Ghana to expedite the delivery of the COVID vaccine. They have been instrumental in the healthcare field in that country. In a place where it’s hard to get things to remote areas, you need a faster, more efficient way to get critical supplies where they need to be. Zipline doesn’t even have to land their drones, they simply lower the altitude and release the payload. A parachute then releases and the vaccines land within 3 meters of the desired area which isn’t as important as the vaccines landing safely, but still impressive.



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