28 January 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter



Image Courtesy: Yahoo News
Technology has that uncanny ability to stop working when you need it most. Your razor might run out of battery halfway through your morning shave, and you have to pretend that you’re going to a costume party after work as Batman’s ‘Two-Face”. But it’s the middle of July, you’re not fooling anyone. Another classic is you have your phone, and you’re stranded somewhere, but you’ve lost signal. You frantically walk around waving your arm in the air, except this time, you really do care. 

A similar situation occurred to a group in Australia. As we all know, the outback of Australia is one of the most dangerous places on Earth, and that was put on display by atypical rainfall causing creeks to flood the roads around popular tourist attractions. So this group had to think fast after stalling out their engine trying to cross one of the overflowing creeks in desperation. 

This wouldn’t be a PropellerHeads article without a drone, right? For once, the first responders aren’t the ones that found the missing people this time. No, these are strong, independent lost people, who can get their own help! They started by trying to send SOS messages from their phone on land. When they realized that wasn’t working, they strapped it to a drone and launched into the air as the phone was trying to find a signal. They found success flying high enough over the trees and other obstacles, the message is sent! This signaled emergency responders to start the search for them. Rumors say the message said something to the effect of, “Bloody ute, got stuck on the way to the barbie. Hurry before the dingos take the baby.” Don’t worry. They made it to the barbecue.




A man in California has pleaded guilty to flying his drone into a helicopter that belonged to none other than the LAPD. It’s not like he had much choice, but we’ll get to that here in a minute. 

Let’s paint the picture. (Hollywood style)

It was a crisp, clear, California morning or as Californians like to say, “The C’s are off the chain today brah.” No idea if that’s actually something that is said, but it sounds right, so we’ll go with it. Two LAPD officers were just minding their own business, investigating a crime scene, when they decided their friend Greg would get a kick out of this. They call him and he’s all, “Far out! That crime scene sounds like a gnarly tube. I’ll surf on over in the heli to check the vibe.” Greg climbs into his standard issued helicopter and begins the journey.

Things are going well. Greg is feeling mellow and his 4th chakra is open. But then tragedy strikes. Greg sees a small spec on the horizon and notices it’s getting closer. And closer. Did he mix up the mushroom jars when making an omelet this morning? Finally he starts to make out it’s a drone flying right towards him. He tries to avoid, but this little dude is on a rampage towards him. He has no choice but to take on the full impact of a Mavic 2 Pro. 

Aaand Scene! 

All jokes aside, the pilot was able to land the helicopter, and luckily no one was hurt. This just goes to show how dangerous a small drone can be in the hands of an anonymous pilot. Thankfully, we aren’t dealing with a criminal mastermind, and the police were able to find his identity from a memory card in the drone. The man faces up to $250k in fines for his actions. Hopefully this will be a lesson for everyone out there to be a little more responsible and aware when flying in busy airspace. 




Image Courtesy: Resident Artist Brenna Ferden
The U.S. is working on fighter drones to fly alongside and maybe even replace manned fighter jets. And we’ve talked about them in the newsletter before, but ever since then, it seems like everyone is hopping on the train. And we just didn’t think you as a reader would want to keep hearing about fighter jet drones over and over again. But then it occurred to us, we could make a bunch of Fight Club references if we said the world was in a giant Drone Fight Club. So here we go.

People are always asking us if we know the people working on the drone fighters for the military. But with a gun barrel in between your teeth, you only speak in vowels.

Alright, that got darker than we were hoping. But Fight Club is a dark movie and that’s the first scene!

Long story short, the Brits are joining the club. Last year, the British government (which is profoundly vanilla) approved the biggest increase in military spending since the Cold War. Some of that money is going towards a three year project to build a fighter drone to fly next to their Typhoons and F-35’s.

This program will create over a hundred jobs in Belfast over the next few years. The workers who get these jobs won’t be by-products of a lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty, those things won’t concern them. What will concern them is thrust ratios, g-forces pulled, accurate GPS modules. Martha Stewart.




Feb 15th – Integration of UAS into Law Enforcement Field Operations

Feb 15th – Two Day Basic Training

Feb 15th – Online Part 107 | One-day Class
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