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24 August 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter




We’re really starting to get to that time when we’re stretching to find cool new ways to use drones. Obviously, drones are cool. No one denies that, but how far can we stray from supersonic and nuclear powered drones before we lose your interest as a reader? We’ll find out this week!

So hear us out… What if we could use drones to track ducks? Not for anything fun like hunting or eating them, but just as a cool hobby? Not cool, really. But practical we guess. The whole point is to monitor the number of broods of ducks that there will be for the year. We guess that’s so people know how many can be hunted and eaten!

Using a thermal camera mounted to a drone, the researchers are more efficient and effective than traditional methods. They’re able to spot more than three times as many ducks as someone searching on foot. You see, many don’t know this, but ducks are extremely fast and have been known to fly when startled, so trying to get a headcount on foot was never ideal. And now they have a chase vehicle if they do try to take off.



The ocean is truly one of the last mysteries/frontiers on this planet. Less than 20% of our ocean is known to us, and it’s right here. This makes building offshore wind turbines a real nightmare, as we don’t know what we’re dealing with until we look into a specific site. The article makes claims that we know more about Mars than we do about our own ocean, and that’s a definite stretch, but after all of these years, we still don’t have a solid way of exploring what or who may lie beneath.

The Lovecraftian “Cthulhu” is an ancient leader of the Old Ones, and the story goes that they retreated under the Pacific Ocean long ago, but still whisper and communicate with their followers. Is the entire Green Energy Movement in on the secret? THE PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW TREEHUGGER.COM.

We’re not saying that Bedrock is a shell company for the Old Ones, but Bedrock and Cthulhu have the same number of letters, and they sound pretty similar if you don’t think about it too hard. But we should talk about the drone right? The underwater drone uses Mosaic which is actually something we’re familiar with in the above water drone community. Being able to send almost instant data to anywhere in the world as it’s scanned is leaps and bounds faster than traditional methods. Even if we are just powering up the Old Ones generators to restart their city.



As a young boy, the writer of this newsletter would recall all of the videos and pictures he would see of things that had been confiscated from those in our society who had committed crimes. From Lamborghinis and Ferraris with police car livery, to lifted SUVs still on big chrome wheels with the words, “Donated by Your Local Drug Dealer” on the side, there was never a shortage of wrong doers getting caught and then the authorities repossessing those things for their own use.

Never did I think I would be writing about this topic in a drone newsletter, but it came up. So why not?

A group of Spanish narcotic and organized authorities have found and confiscated a 5 motor drone with a wing span of 15ft wide. When they arrived at the obvious drug store house, they found quite a lot of drugs, but the drone that is capable of carrying the drugs at over 100mph caught their eye. They believe the drone to be worth upwards of $175k, but you could probably push those numbers up if it was fully loaded with it’s intended cargo.

Thankfully, it’s been apprehended and will look great flying over parades.



Oct 18th – Online Part 107 | One-Day Class

Oct 18th – Two-Day Basic Training

Oct 18th – Integration of UAS into Law Enforcement Field Operations

Oct 20th – Three-Day Tactical Training

Alright, folks — that’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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