Skyfire Makes Drone First Responder (DFR) Easy to Understand

22 February 2023 | Press Releases


ATLANTA, February 22, 2023 – Skyfire Consulting (Skyfire) (, the most trusted and experienced public safety UAS consulting group, today announced its continued push towards training and education aimed at making it easier for public safety agencies to understand what Drone First Responder (DFR) programs are all about, and how to transition a traditional drone program into a DFR program. VIDEO: How to reduce 911 response times by 50% – DFR Explained

“DFR is being talked about in all corners of the public safety universe, but it is important to ensure that everybody understands what a drone first responder program really is,” said Matt Sloane, Skyfire founder and CEO. “Simply put, it means getting eyes on scene minutes faster than we’re typically able to. We hope this new easy to digest video, and our training, help agencies understand the true power of DFR.”

The Building Blocks of a DFR Program

Equipment: Skyfire provides consultation and facilitates procurement of the latest aircraft from multiple manufacturers to meet public safety department’s requirements. From the most entry level to complex, Skyfire has several equipment options available.

Training: Skyfire’s training covers program development, FAA regulations, UAS operations, Part 107, and hands-on tactical applications. Skyfire offers advanced courses as well in SWAT operations, accident reconstruction, and evidence collection.

FAA Consulting: From basic Part 107 certification to Blanket and Jurisdictional COAs to Tactical Beyond Visual Line of Sight (TBVLOS) and traditional Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, Skyfire has more experience than any other consultancy in the country. Skyfire has filed nearly 1000 traditional COAs in partnership with agencies across the country.

Software: Using various types of software, Skyfire provides public safety teams with everything from remote video streaming to full remote-piloting capabilities from the comfort of a desktop computer or mobile device.

Program Operation: For agencies lacking the crew resources to initiate a DFR program, Skyfire’s team of experienced, vetted and safety-conscious pilots fly the UAS, and through our software packages, give communications and command teams the ability to see low latency live-streaming data to make time-critical decisions and maintain all public safety decision making.

For more information about DFR Programs watch this explainer video,,  and visit:


About Skyfire:

Skyfire Consulting is the most trusted and experienced public safety UAV consulting company in the United States. Specializing in pilot training, FAA consulting, SOP development, American-made drone design and manufacturing for public safety agencies, Skyfire is focused on providing solutions to the most complex needs.