SWAT Tactics Intensive


Skyfire’s four-day SWAT Tactics Intensive training course guides pilots through SWAT specific applications of UAS technology through classroom and hands-on scenario based training. Scenarios are crafted to prepare students for a variety of tactical situations and feature indoor and outdoor flying, group discussion, and debriefs following each exercise. Our training includes a deep dive into indoor flight, flying in GPS denied spaces, overwatch, reconnaissance, night operations, and overall SWAT best practices and considerations. 

Topics Covered

  • Indoor Flight: Indoor Tactics, Operator Security Considerations, Flight Modes for Indoor Flight, Lighting and Spectrum Considerations, Payload Awareness
  • Overwatch & Reconnaissance: Airspace Evaluation, COAs & BVLOS, Risk Assessment, Overwatch Tactics, Dynamic Filtering, Obstacle Avoidance
  • 2D reconstruction
  • Intel & Overflights
  • Night Operations
  • Blue Force Options