Heavy-Lift UAS: A New Era in Drones for Firefighting

19 August 2020 | Design and Manufacturing

Viking, Skyfire’s design and manufacturing arm, possesses a 20-year history of design innovation and has yielded over 600 bespoke aircraft platforms – including the first FAA-approved “manned optional” multirotor under Part 103 regulations.

Viking’s expertise in heavy-lift drones – with payload capacities of 350+ lbs. are changing the way disasters such as wildfires are fought. For instance, a fire department can now fly supplies such as water, fire suppressant, tools, and other emergency supplies through extreme wind and smoke conditions without putting a helicopter and pilot at risk. Furthermore, firefighters now have a faster, safer way to evacuate from emergencies such as an uncontrolled fire that has them surrounded. 

Thousands of hours of CAD design, aerodynamic/payload simulations, and a rigorous flight test program based on military airworthiness programs have yielded a heavy-lift multicopter that will enhance firefighter safety in ways not possible with conventional manned aircraft. Stay tuned for official product announcements.