Hypepotamus: Drones Startups Are Shaping Georgia’s Booming Aerospace Scene

2 September 2021 | Media Mentions

September 2 — Georgia —

Before bringing his startup to the sky, Matt Sloane knew how to make headlines.

Sloane worked at CNN for 14 years, a majority of which was spent as a medical producer. In April 2014, during the latter part of his tenure at the company, he was asked to speak at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center about how journalists cover breaking news stories.

He happened to bring one of the newest additions to the camera fleet: a drone.

“I had four fire chiefs come up to me after that and ask how they could get one for their department,” Sloane told Hypepotamus. “I said I had no idea, but I was going to figure it out.”

… After its 2020 acquisition of Viking UAS, Skyfire is now in the drone manufacturing space to build “purpose-built aircraft for public safety.”

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