IACP RECAP Did we meet you in Chicago last week?

29 October 2019 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

We had a fantastic show last week at IACP in Chicago! We were set up with our partners from Doosan, DroneSense, Darley, Flyability, and Draxxon. It’s always great to talk to so many of you guys in person! We were also honored to share the stage with Chula Vista Police Department and Cape to talk about our work in the FAA IPP program and their “drone as a first responder” pilot.

Some of the coolest stuff we saw? We really loved the new command center in a box (or in a vehicle) from Draxxon. And we were also excited to see the FLIR C360 gas detection sensor at FLIR’s booth. Check out a little behind-thescenes video we shot while there!