16 November 2019 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

Illustration by Todd Pendleton/ The Oklahoman

We’ve all heard the chatter about RFID being used to streamline drones into the national airspace system. This is a long, technical read on the topic, but would you expect anything else from someone trying to explain what the FAA is doing?

Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies, gives what we think is a pretty unbiased look at what the FAA is working towards, and even says that he is someone, “that wishes to advance the industry and not just my own business”. Which is exactly what you would expect the CEO of a company who stands to make a lot of money would say.

We see this as the start of Skynet, where drones will eventually start evolving to become sentient and start hunting humans, as we would be the #1 threat to world domination. Really don’t see what the big deal is. Arnold is definitely getting pumped in a gym somewhere right now.

Seriously though, this is some major ground work to get us closer to Beyond Visual Line of Sight and, it’s huge for public safety. Ganjoo says in the article, “it does provide law enforcement a tool to ID the drone and locate its operator.

There are some holes in the proposed rules that Chris Korody from Drone Business Center speaks on. Korody says, “there is nothing in the NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) about how Remote ID data will be integrated with the rest of the data that LE routinely uses. This is a critical point because LEOs are trained to use biographical information about the person they have in front of them. And because things happen fast, their safety depends on having it available in real-time.”

All in all, this seems a good first round draft of the rules that will eventually be implemented. This is just the 400ft. view, so check out the article for the more intricate details.