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20 October 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

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Image Courtesy: DroneDJ

It’s no secret in the drone world that the number one issue is the limited amount of time they can fly. Companies have spent thousands of hours and countless dollars trying to figure out a solution around the problem of a battery only being able to give so much before it’s depleted and empty. Much like the writers of PropellerHeads standing in line behind a chatty person at the grocery store. This is not a social hour, GARY! Buy your pork chops and move on.

Some go for the obvious solution, a tether. Limitless power, but you chain the beast to the ground. How can it hunt when it’s wearing a leash? Another option? VTOL. If you can’t find a better battery, use aerodynamics. But VTOL drones are beyond pricey and can run well into the $100k range. Then there are hybrids/alternative fuels. Again. Can be pricey. And a little risky if it crashed.

The obvious answer is to just charge it in the sky. Duh. Teeny tiny little solar panels. It’s so obvious. But, not really. Wireless charging might be the answer. Removing the battery all together provides a lot of potential. Lots of weight in those batteries. It would make room for bigger payloads. Like chainsaws, for instance? Just sayin’. The tech is still new, and only good for about 10m, but a future where the air powers flying vehicles sounds like a pretty cool one.



Image Courtesy: Pinterest

There’s always a risk that a drone might fall out of the sky and hit you on the head at terminal velocity, but now you could also potentially get mercury poisoning from the same accident.

That’s right, drones carrying sushi are now flying through the air with reckless abandonment. And one of their buddies even brought the booze. But, maybe that’s not so bad.

The drones weren’t just hanging out on their day off, they were still working when they delivered the raw fish and beer to a beach in Israel. They were part of a demonstration to show that multiple drones can be deconflicted when flying in the same airspace. Even if they aren’t all the same make or model. This might be one of the first looks into drone air traffic control. And they’re using it to deliver sushi. Which is kind of not surprising. Drone companies…. Am I right?? *Scoff*

The company High Lander is the main reason this was possible. Their software controls all sorts of drones in the air without bias of make or country of origin. It can control them all. Definitely worth checking out their website. They’ve partnered with all the big names in the drone world. So they must be legit!



Image Courtesy: IndiaTimes.com

A patient somewhere is taking a sigh of relief, but more realistically a gasp of relief because they had a brand new pair of lungs dropped on their door by an Amazon Prime drone. 

Is it poor taste to make fun of someone who needed a lung transplant, even though everything went smoothly, and these lungs were probably not even used on a real patient? It begs the question though. What do they do with all these test human lungs? Seems a waste. There’s probably a reasonable answer, but who has time to look that up?

It wasn’t really Amazon Prime that delivered the lungs, it was a much more sexy, french (maybe Canadian. Again with the research? Pfft.) company called Unither Bioélectronique. See? We told you. Sexy name. But beside their name, they also completed the six minute flight without a hitch that got a pair of human lungs to the transplant site. And that’s no cheap cargo. We actually were curious about this fact. A double lung transplant can run over $1.2million. Talk about a bad day at the office if you crash that bird.

Think about your lungs next time you light up, bud. There won’t always be a drone with a spare set flying overhead.



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