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10 August 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter




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We’re pretty sure this has been brought up before in PropellerHeads, but it wouldn’t be our style if we went back and looked to make sure, so you’re getting a fresh take on the topic. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

So, even if we have discussed the use of a drone to herd sheep, we didn’t discuss the science behind it. Because this is cutting edge technology. The super advanced study of drones and farm animals doesn’t stop for anything. Not even a global pandemic.

The science shows us that sheep heart rates don’t spike nearly as high when they are being herded by a drone vs. a traditional working dog. The difference between drone herding and dog herding is over 100 beats per minute. This means that the animals are less stressed, and less likely to trample each other while trying to get away from what they see as a predator.

We bet the sheep’s opinions will make a ewe-turn the day the drones also become herding and shearing drones.



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Another day, another drone that takes the place of nature. We’re not hippies here at Skyfire, well, maybe Dan (we don’t talk about Dan), but we like to think we know a good idea when we see one. And if you should have learned anything from reading this newsletter it’s that scientists just rip off nature and call it a solution and it’s typically successful.

It seems like the easiest job on the planet, though. Why do they complain about their jobs being hard? Just find out how nature deals with it, and then name it after yourself. Sheesh.

In true human fashion, we found a solution to a problem while ignoring the cause! Bees are dying all over the world from mainly pollution and climate change which affects their habitats, making it harder for them to thrive as they did pre-you-and-me.

But we don’t have to worry about that because the robots that were foretold to take our jobs, are taking bee jobs! Tiny little drones now fly out of a bigger drone to aid the bees in pollinating flowers and other plants. So we can put aside our worries of why the bees are missing. Which is not really great, but also good? But bad? Both? It’s a real conundrum. But it is a solution to keep us around for longer. So more good than bad. Right?



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This is just turning into a whole edition of revisits and hippie non-sense apparently. We’ll try to do better next time, but take no responsibility. The algorithms won’t let us escape reading about things we’ve shown a little bit of interest in.

So, we’ve talked about drones being used to create rain (Cloud seeding). What they do is basically just release chemicals into the air willy nilly, some type of sorcery happens, and then rain falls. Easy. But that wasn’t enough.

These nerds who are making the rain with robots figured it was only a matter of time before they would get in trouble for shooting chemicals into the air. So they figured out a way to do it with lasers! Problem solved! Nothing bad could come of people strapping lasers to drones and shooting them wildly into the sky!

In reality, it’s basically kick-starting the process of what happens naturally by “shocking the air” in certain clouds to coerce them into becoming rain clouds. It’s like your parents forcing you to go to business school and you end up writing funny stories for a drone company. It was always a possibility, you just needed a shock in the right direction!



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Alright, folks — that’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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