NEW TECH What the heck is a Technodrome and how can we get one?

10 October 2019 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

Want to know how you test out the latest and greatest new tech in the drone industry without having to jump through a ton of governmental hoops? You go inside… I mean duh, that makes so much sense, right? Leave it to our friends at the Colorado Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting (CoE) to start up such a cool spot devoted to just that. They’re
calling it the Technodrome and it gives them 7,000 square feet of indoor space to play. Here’s what CoE director Ben Miller had to say about their new space: “We shut the doors and do all the flying we want to in here. We fly big drones that aren’t allowed outside yet, which exceed the current rules. And, if we are successful in here, it shows promise and momentum to approach the
FAA.” Nice work guys! We can’t wait to see what comes out of your Technodrome testing.