16 April 2019 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

Image courtesy: Drone Delivery Canada

A Canadian company, Drone Delivery Canada (DDC), has successfully completed beyond visual line of sight test flights in the great and vast land of Alberta. Canada really is a perfect place to test fly drones because of the country’s incredibly low population density. There is little risk to people when there are only 4 humans every square kilometer (in freedom units, that’s about 11 people per square mile).

But maybe the remote location is not solely for safety, but also the bizarre design of their crafts. DDC has successfully test-flown what appears to be a flying trash can, or maybe one of those Henry vacuum cleaners. It’s almost certainly a prototype for holding cargo, but looks like a flying compost bin.

They must be doing something right, as DDC is the only company in Canada to complete a BVLOS flight under Transport Canada’s oversight (like the Department of Transportation). No word back yet on the patent for a maple syrup and kindness powered engine, which would be the real game changer.