Propeller Heads Israel (and SWAG) Edition

11 August 2020 | Propeller Heads Newsletter
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Egads, Batman! A drone that’s capable of attaching itself to a wall and staying perched indefinitely until the pilot wishes to fly away? What will the Joker think of next? 

Before anyone asks, yes, there’s a Batman/Spiderman crossover. You think we would just throw references around willy nilly without checking canon? We’re hurt… truly. 

This is a really wild concept the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has come up with that solves the problem of battery life in some situations. If you can fly a drone where it needs to be and it just attaches itself, then you can kill the props, and the only thing sucking power is the camera. There is also an option for the drone to stick to the wall and then fly away leaving something attached to the wall. I’m sure they had something more explosive in mind with this idea, but you can leave all kinds of cool stuff behind. Like a Skyfire sticker you won from referring friends to Propeller Heads (meta).

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Yes, it seems too good to be true. An Israeli company called StoreDot has come up with a way to charge drone batteries in 5 minutes. They need to pair up with Spider-Drone, and come up with a wireless charging pad mounted on a wall. Then the drone could just stick to it’s charging plate, freeing up valuable desk space. StoreDot, get in touch, we’ve got plenty more ideas! 

It does seem that they’ve figured this out though. Using FlashBattery technology, they use metalloid nanotechnology alloys with a very high diffusion and low resistance when the lithium ions are introduced. 

Digging further on StoreDot’s website, something stood out. The design of their batteries is based on “novel nano-structured materials combined with proprietary organic binders and enhanced electrolytes.” So these batteries are a healthy alternative to fruits and vegetables? We don’t condone eating batteries, but they describe their product in such a tasty way! What we do condone is referring your friends to sign up for Propeller Heads! (Sorry! It’s just too easy to shamelessly self-promote!)
$100,000.00 DRONE

Photo courtesy: Corrective Services NSW

You read that right. A $100,000.00 DJI Mavic. Well, probably like $1200 for the actual drone…

What then could possibly make a Mavic worth $100k? A new fancy sensor? Those fancy 5 minute charging batteries? Nope! Just good old-fashioned drugs. It was carrying a payload of 150 buprenorphine tablets, and strips. You see, in New South Wales, Australia, they have cancelled all visits to prisoners due to COVID. So that’s left people to get a little more sneaky and creative with their illegal activities. 

Long gone are the simple days of smuggling paraphernalia in like flying kites over prisons, or hiding rock hammers in books. WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU ANDY DUFRESNE! Or should we say, Randall Stephens? Luckily the drone was captured by staff before it reached its intended destination, and 3 people were charged because of this, so maybe they can start a Part 107 course from the slammer!

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