PROPELLER HEADS TV We review this cool flashing light for your drone

2 October 2019 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

Our clients tell us they have this issue all the time at big events — people complaining about a drone flying overhead when they’ve been told they can’t fly their drones. What they don’t know is that this drone is there on official police or fire business. So how can you let people know that your aircraft is not  just some hobbyist out there breaking the rules? Enter the ResQ beacon. It
attaches to your UAV and it flashes red/blue lights (they’ll be offering red/whitesoon for our fire friends). It’s only $99 and it was designed by a firefighter in Austin. How cool is that?! Check out our video review to see how it works.

And of course, you can give us a holler if you want to get your hands on a few of these!