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24 March 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter


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Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department
So this one most of you have probably seen. It’s kind of been everywhere. Something about stuff washing up on shores just really gets people interested. Maybe people are hoping it’s a craft from the lost city of Atlantis. Ancient technology lost through the ages, only to be discovered by some drunk guy on a beach in Florida.

But what people don’t know is that the drone is just really sunburned and dehydrated after beaching itself while hunting for children… That’s right folks, this has become a newsletter about the harmful effects of the sun, and why we should extinguish it immediately. The writer of Propellerheads being a pasty white guy with Irish heritage living in the South has not biased this story in any way. 

Not really. That’s not nearly as entertaining as drones.

To remove the drone from the beach, all you have to do was call the 1-800 number on the side, and your local Air Force will come right to you to drag it away in the water with a boat. But, apparently, this is a pretty common occurrence. The Air Force just usually gets to them before the news does!




Image Courtesy:Skyfire’s Art Department 

Airport security should be second to none. We can all agree on that, yes? So what’s the solution to a rogue drone accidentally, or purposefully, enters controlled airspace without permission? Well, another drone…which always seems to be the answer in this newsletter about drones, right?

There are a lot of problems that you could run into launching a drone to look for a rogue drone like crowded airspace, long security lines, and then you have to wait for your boarding group to be called. So the TSA has started to work with local law enforcement to set up procedures for how and when they would be called out to use their drones to locate other drones. 

There is no inflight entertainment or meals onboard the drones, but the flights will be relatively short, with hopefully not too much turbulence. Cruising altitude is gonna be whatever the ATC tells you the ceiling is, and hopefully we’ll have a nice smooth landing. Thank you for flying Delta, this has been your Captain speaking.




Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department 
More and more we’re seeing these drone light shows, and ya they’re cool and all, but just think of the nightmare of maintaining hundreds of drones. Hundreds of drones mean, probably thousands of batteries, props, and chargers.

An Italian company, Ragù Inna Can, is trying to alleviate at least one of those problems. The company isn’t called Ragù Inna Can, it’s Carlo Ratti Associati, but that just wasn’t very funny and we couldn’t think of anything better. What they’re calling a “blanket charger” is really just a bunch of charging pads laid out and linked together to save plug space on your power strip. The drones fly down when they need to charge, and actually twist themselves into the charger to ensure a secure connection. Once done, they twist the opposite way and can take off again!

The pads can be linked together to charge up to 10,000 drones all at once. This tech goes a long way not just for the fun drones that look pretty up in the sky, but offers a way to manage thousands of drones for the future massive fleets of drones that are sure to become standard. 

Next thing you know, there will be giant fields dedicated solely to charging drones. What a nightmarish hellscape that will be… Speaking of cute drone light shows, there’s a St. Patrick’s day one in the “A Few More For Your Brain” section below! Check it out!



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