3 April 2020 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

You may remember the $20 million microwave from Raytheon we mentioned in a previous newsletter, well, they’re back with a new toy for drone hunting.

This new product is called the Coyote 2. The Coyote may look like a drone-seeking missile, but it’s more than that. It’s a jet powered, controllable interceptor that can fly at 60 mph. The project manager for the Coyote 2 said that they were using less expensive parts for the Coyote, making it cheap enough to go after cheaper drones. He said they used “commercial, off-the-shelf components”. What shelf is he talking about? And how can we get THAT shelf, in OUR shed?

With fins on the outside and a turbine with controllable thrust on the back, Raytheon VP James McGovern claims it has “dog-fight capabilities”. I mean, that’s totally awesome!

Unlike their microwave, the Coyote 2 is a little more to the point. They use an explosive warhead on the end to annihilate the target. Remember when we said they cut costs to go after cheap drones? This is why. One time use, baby!

These interceptors are a long-range answer to the rogue drone problem. If any sneak by, they get POPPED! Did ya catch that? A microwave joke.