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19 May 2021 | Propeller Heads Newsletter



Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department

Soccer is starting to be taken seriously here in the States, but overseas, it can be more like a religion. People treat their favorite teams like gods. Offering up sacrifices of beer spilled on the ground, food spilled on the ground because of too much beer, and lots of monetary donations. But they are rewarded with watching adults play a child’s game for 90+ minutes all for it to end 0-0. Fair trade, right? 

But you didn’t come here to read about soccer or the millionaires that play it, you came to read about drones. The two coincide this week. (What a coincidence right? Is there an echo in here?)

An Argentinian player, who is not named Lionel Messi but Pablo Perez, stomped out a drone that flew into the stadium after another player brought it down. Who gets the assist in that scenario? They were on opposing sides so is it a cancelling out sort of deal? Not really familiar with soccer rules. 

But the player wasn’t just filled with hatred of drones. The drone was carrying a banner taunting the team that Perez plays for. We told you they take this stuff seriously. Taking out the drone didn’t help though. Perez’s team still lost 3-0. So there’s at least a happy ending.


Image Coutesy: South Futon Police Department

Image Courtesy: South Fulton Police Department

Image Courtesy: South Fulton Police Department

Crazy weather has been hitting us here in Georgia lately. An EF-4 tornado hit Newnan not too long ago, and then right after that South Fulton and Douglas counties were hit by an EF-1. While the damage was severe, casualties were thankfully low. A contact of ours at the South Fulton Police Department was able to send us some drone footage they took after the storms. 

In a truly awful time, drones can help Police and rescuers find people in the wreckage, but also assess the damage in general to know what areas need aid the soonest. 

We wanted to give a shout out and express our gratitude to all members of public safety here in our home state that risk their lives to help others in their time of need.



Image Courtesy: Skyfire’s Art Department

While we all missed out on Drone 101 in high school, kids these days are taking full advantage. A school in Colorado named Buena Vista High School has started a class dedicated to learning how to fly drones. 

We’re not crying! YOU’RE CRYING. They just grow up so fast now.
The students of the class will spend the beginning of the course learning about airspace, regulations and weather. The second semester will be actual flying and will start off indoors before moving outdoors. Slow and steady seems to be their aim. (Marketing wanted me to plug our 1 day Part-107 training here, but c’mon! Let the kids be kids, Justin!) 

The school’s hope is that the increase of interest and trained pilots will bring more of the sUAS industry to the area, and also get some pretty sick digital yearbook footage. 

The coolest part of the course in our opinion? Kids signed up and filled the course almost immediately, but they weren’t all interested in one thing. Some kids joined for the engineering aspect, others for the sports related drone flying, and others for film and TV interests. And almost equally boys and girls were interested.



June 14th – Online Part 107 | One-Day Class
June 14th – Two-Day Basic Training
June 14th – Integration of UAS into Law Enforcement Field Operations


Alright, folks — that’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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