Skyfire’s solutions to Event Security

1 September 2020 | Private Security & Event Overwatch

Dapper suits. Black sunglasses. Little earpieces. Zero evidence that they’re carrying any kind of weapon, but you know intuitively that they are. You’d think this Armani-clad force might be the Secret Service, but it turns out they’re not at all. In fact, they’re a well equipped, well trained private security force, employed to protect private citizens, property and other desirable assets. The men and women who are hired for this job are often former law enforcement, military or special forces – true – and while they bring all of their experience and training from those days, they lack the same technologies they once had on the job. Take a recent high-profile event at a major movie studio. Dozens if not hundreds of highly trained guards were deployed in strategic locations, every preparation had been made for the star-studded evening. But a lone paparazzo with a thousand dollar drone from a big box store could have unraveled months of preparation. This is not a hypothetical situation. Skyfire’s team of pilots and fleet of aircraft were on site to ensure air superiority over the event, and when this paparazzo wanted a picture of the A-listers coming into the event, he failed to realize that lots of high-powered pyrotechnics were about to blow his “simple camera drone” out of the sky. Skyfire’s UAS detection assets were able to detect this aircraft before it became a threat, identify the location of the operator, and send our own aircraft to observe the pilot’s behavior. The incident was reported to local police, who promptly used the information Skyfire’s team delivered to locate the individual, and get him to land safely. Was this a catastrophe in the making? In this case, it wasn’t. It was a photographer trying to get a picture. But the threat could have been far more sinister, and unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure until it’s too late. This is why the studio trusted Skyfire’s team of experts and vast amounts of technology to add extra protection to their event. It was a great success on all accounts, and your event can be too. Contact us to find out how Skyfire’s solutions can help ensure your event is secure.