29 May 2020 | Propeller Heads Newsletter

We’re sure by now you’ve watched the videos and read up on ALL the specs about the new Matrice 300, but we feel an obligation to discuss this new monster from DJI.

It seems to be a perfect successor to the M200 series in just about every way. The sensors to keep it from hitting obstacles are mounted on the top to avoid obstruction from the legs and the props have been shifted underneath the motors for the same reason. The flight time is big too. Because of the larger props creating more lift, and the new batteries (TB60), they are boasting 55 minute flight times while not carrying a payload. Almost an hour of flight time from any battery powered quadcopter is impressive.

And they didn’t stop with the drone. The new smart controller also has some new bells and whistles. With the new transmission system, the controller can stay connected for over 9 miles. That’s three times further than our eyes can see, factoring in the curvature of our beloved Mother Earth! It also has a slot on the back to plug in a WB37 Cendence battery for seemingly unlimited use (as long as you have A LOT of WB37s, of course). You can connect two controllers to the M300 just like you could with the M200. With the newest tech you can effectively double the range of flight by having the second pilot take control of the bird once the first pilot is about to lose sight.

We’re excited to see how well this new drone will do once it’s in the hands of public safety. We think it will be an absolute beast and will be an obvious upgrade from your M200 or M210.

There are lots of other features we didn’t cover here, so if you want to know more or in case you missed it, we had a talk with our good friend Mike Mocerino from W.S. Darley & Co. last Wednesday. If you would like to watch that video, check out our video section on Facebook, or follow the link HERE to see it on our Youtube channel. Be sure to like and subscribe for future updates!

Our next Facebook Live will be tomorrow at 12pm Est. with Josh Pruitt from DroneSense to talk about DroneSense 2.0!