A Letter From the CEO: Matt Sloane

12 April 2021 | Uncategorized

A Glimpse into the Future of Skyfire

As the flowers start to bloom here in Huntsville (and the pollen covers literally everything), I can’t help but think this spring is a little different than those in years past. In a literal sense, I’m celebrating spring in Huntsville, Alabama, rather than in Atlanta where I’ve spent the last 20 springs.


But in a more symbolic sense, this spring represents what I believe to be the beginning of the post-COVID era. Many of us have either suffered through COVID already, or have gotten vaccinated, and it’s allowing us to have just a bit more flexibility in our lives. So in that sentiment, I thought I would give you a look back at what we were able to accomplish in 2020, and what the post-COVID era looks like for Skyfire. 


Since we entered the COVID tunnel back in late February 2020, we’ve joined forces with Viking UAS, a seriously talented drone engineering and manufacturing company; as well as joining with our partners at Skydas Group International, who focus on best-in-class law enforcement and counter terrorism training. These two major moves have allowed us to strengthen two critical divisions of our company – training and product development. Through our merger with Skydas Group, we brought CEO Mike Briant on as our Chief Security Officer, and brought in Mike Rogers from an illustrious career with the FBI to bolster our training division. We have launched new courses – UAS Integration into Law Enforcement Agencies chief among them, and just around the corner – UAS in SWAT application and Accident Scene Reconstruction deep dives. On the product development side, we’ve had some very exciting aircraft projects in the works, and you’ll be hearing about those within the next few weeks.


We’ve established amazing relationships with partners like Axle Box Technologies and Make Safe Tech – strong organizations fronted by public safety industry leader Caleb Holt; and strengthened partnerships with our friends at WS Darley, DroneSense, Unmanned Vehicle Technologies, Doosan, and many others. We’ve also added physical locations here in Huntsville, just outside the gates of Redstone Arsenal, in Northern Virginia near the epicenter of federal law enforcement; and in Maine where our advanced systems development center is located.


So what’s coming next? Several new training courses and opportunities, loads more detail on our Drone as a First Responder turnkey program offerings, and much much more! As we head into this spring, and the dawn of the post-COVID era, I hope you and your families have come through with more strength and love for one another, your health, and a renewed desire to get back into the world and conquer it. I know I have, and I look forward to seeing many of you at all of our upcoming shows and events!


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