Message From The CEO

27 January 2022 | Uncategorized

When we started Skyfire almost 8 years ago, the idea was simple — take our love for cool technology and leverage it in a way to help first responders be safer in their jobs.

Fast forward to 2021 and not only did we do that in a big way, but we noticed a real change in the way firefighters and police officers think as it relates to tech and their approach to various emergencies. We’re finally seeing technology catch up to the demands of this industry, and we’re taking strides forward in the regulatory approach to these challenges.

In 2021 we officially launched our “Drone First Responder” (DFR) service; filed 30 blanket COAs, 42 jurisdictional COAs, 28 tactical beyond line-of-sight COAs and 6 full BVLOS COAs. We trained hundreds of public safety professionals in basic flying and part 107 skills, SWAT/tactical flying skills, mapping thermography and more.

2022 will be an even bigger year for Skyfire and for the public safety drone industry.

We’ve been diligently working on our first American-Made UAS offerings to the public safety market, and you’ll be hearing much more about that in the coming weeks.

We’re working to develop more DFR programs, and more permissions for those DFR programs already in existence; and we’re working with some fabulous software partners to help make sure those operators have access to more actionable intelligence more quickly.

As we move forward into this new year, I wanted to personally thank you for your service, for your commitment to all our safety, and for the personal sacrifices you’ve all made to help keep this country running in the midst of some very difficult times.

My sincerest hope is that you were able to get some quality time with your families this holiday season, and we look forward to serving you – and helping you serve your communities – in the new year.

-Matt Sloane, CEO


Here are just a few of our highlights: