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Skyfire Response Network Qualification

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Message From The CEO

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Fly Safe this 4th of July

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No Worries, I’ve Done This a Million Times

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Drones for Mosquito Control

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A Letter From the CEO: Matt Sloane

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Mapping and Public Health

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A Letter from the CEO

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Tips from a UAS Pilot

For last 3 years, our crack team of talented drone pilots have been flying regularly on emergency management missions throughout the country. With literally thousands of hours of flight time logged, we assumed our pilots were probably full of pro tips for the early stage public safety drone program.And, boy, were we right! Here are just a few of the very best.

3 July 2019 | Uncategorized

The 5 keys to Great Police Drone Training

While Part 107 and Public Aircraft Operations (PAO under a COA) are the two regulatory frameworks under which a public safety agency can legally operate sUAS or drones, neither framework establishes a specific guideline for basic training of police drone pilots. In short, there is no national standard for drone pilots.