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1 July 2020 | Uncategorized

A Letter from the CEO

24 April 2020 | Oil, Gas & Engineering, Public Safety

Checkout DJI’s New Enterprise Workhorse, the M300

The eagerly awaited new drone release from DJI has not disappointed in its debut. The upgrades over the previous model, the Matrice 200 series are substantial. Let’s dive into the latest and greatest UAS from DJI.

21 February 2020 | Public Safety

How Fire Departments Use Drones To Save Lives

Drones are an important new tool for the fire service and have already proven their ability to save lives. Willingness to embrace drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs]) for fire applications varies widely by department, and it’s not just larger departments that are making the investment. Some smaller departments are investing in drones in a big way, even as some larger departments are reticent.

16 February 2020 | Disaster Response, Specialized FAA Waivers

Chula Vista Drone Program is Saving Lives

CHULA VISTA —  Chula Vista Police Chief Roxana Kennedy told a story recently about how officers avoided tragedy while responding to a 911 call about a man waving a small gun around in front of a taco shop on Broadway.The first thing the department did was send a drone. It arrived in less than a minute and before any patrol vehicles got to the scene.

10 September 2019 | Public Safety

Starting A Law Enforcement Drone Program: Training Your Pilots

There are several different law enforcement drone pilot training programs out there, but the important thing is to make sure you have more than just the classroom information.DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PART 107 AND COAMany online Part 107 training programs just teach you enough to pass the test. Largely absent from those classes is any information about how to actually fly a drone, so hands-on and in-person training is a must.Under a COA, the FAA allows police departments to self-certify their drone operators, so that puts quite a bit of responsibility on UAS program coordinators to make decisions about training.

16 August 2019 | Private Security & Event Overwatch

Drones at Prisons: The Results of This 9 month study show exactly why we need counter drone tech

Counter-drone or counter UAS technology firm Dedrone completed a nine month study on the subject of drones over correctional facilities in 2019.  The results are frightening – and demonstrate exactly why the industry needs counter drone technology to be implemented over prisons and other sensitive facilities.

16 August 2019 | Uncategorized

Tips from a UAS Pilot

For last 3 years, our crack team of talented drone pilots have been flying regularly on emergency management missions throughout the country. With literally thousands of hours of flight time logged, we assumed our pilots were probably full of pro tips for the early stage public safety drone program.And, boy, were we right! Here are just a few of the very best.

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